Founded in 2012, United Mix Media (UMM) is the largest legal broadcasting platform in Kurdistan operating under the Laws and Regulations of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).
UMM is the largest TV broadcasting service platform in Iraq, currently operating in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, with ambitions to expand to the rest of the country.
We are the first operator to invest in building the infrastructure for digital TV services in the nation. UMM is also the first operator to invest in the organization of local Kurdish and foreign TV channels in a unified DVB-T/T2 system.
UMM is currently transitioning its system to DVBT2 code, where one single broadcasting system will be airing all the contents watched on the digital terrestrial network in the Kurdistan Region. This is all being done through UMM’s 25 and counting stations based in the Kurdistan Region, from Zakho to Kalar District.


Prior to the official foundation of the company, we first introduced the DVBT concept to KRG public and the officials in 2009. Due to limited capital, and then KRG’s financial difficulties, UMM showed a relative slow growth until mid-2015, when a new partner ensured strong and continuous growth.
The new partnership became a turning point in UMM’s history, as it paved the way for a wide range investment and system expansion to the entire Kurdistan Region. Since then, UMM has successfully covered more than 70% of the region and initiated the development expansion plan for Kirkuk.
UMM’s inauguration was through Free-to-Air (FTA) broadcasting in 2012. As of today, UMM has added DVBT2 coverage in Zakho, Duhok, Erbil Governorate (except city center), Sulaimanyah Governorate (except city center), Kirkuk and Kalar District in the far south east of the country.


Our mission is to provide a reliable and uninterrupted broadcasting platform for local news and entertainment outlets to all of the Kurdistan Region through the latest technology of the DVBT/T2. We are investing heavily the infrastructure through the 25 + Towers, the best broadcasting and transmission equipment in the industry and are supplying every tower and station with 24/7 power supply and surge protection equipment. We strive to cover all of Kurdistan by the end of 2017. The high value customer STB package has been developed specifically for Kurdistan to ensure the best reception and protection available. The UMM STB package is equipped with Kurdish language software and encryption protection software. It has a 1 year guarantee. It is UMM’s mission to ensure that The Kurdistan region has the latest and greatest in broadcasting technology and service. We strive to build symbiotic trust between UMM, The Viewers and the TV Station Clients to ensure that the Kurdistan Region is informed about improvements and developments in the field of broadcasting and entertainment.


We strive to be the indispensable, leading source of News, Entertainment, Sports and Music in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, serving the people and the government. We want to be the platform which strengthen the cultural life of Kurdistan, where all communities are represented. We aim to accomplish this through superior technology and excellent service to both TV stations and the viewers. It is our vision to be at the forefront of technological innovation and expand our platform to All Kurdish speaking areas and serve the Kurdish communities everywhere, thereby making The Kurdistan Region a prosperous center for digital broadcasting in the Middle East