A clarification on stopping United MixMedia’s services in Kirkuk City

For all of our lovely customers in Kirkuk city, we unfortunately inform you that all of United MixMedia’s services have been stopped in the city.

Because of the obvious lack in electricity and the continuous cuts in internet, the quality of United MixMedia’s services had downgraded.

Therefore, in the end of January 2018, United Mix Media will stop all of its services’ in Kirkuk city. All of our customers in Kirkuk who had bought United Mix Media’s receivers, had been contacted to bring back the receivers and receive their money back.

We have paid back 90% of our customers who have bought receivers from Kirkuk.  We would also like to ask those customers who still have not received their money back to contact our office in Kirkuk until 22/2/2018.

  Those customers who received their money back, had the antenna and the cables as gifts from the company and do not need to bring it back.

Also, for those customers who would like to use our receivers in other areas, they can call our customer service department to get more information.

Even though United MixMedia’s company regrets to stop its services in Kirkuk city, we are proud to stay that we have our customers’ beliefs and that we will not never do anything that might harm our customers in a way or another. Our decision in compensating our customers in Kirkuk city, shows our real intentions.

United MixMedia