A new offer from MixMedia

United MixMedia company for television broadcasting platform, happily announces decreasing their receivers’ prices and upgrading their system.

We inform our lovely subscribers that from 15/04/2018 and beyond, United MixMedia, will launch their new receivers (HDT-E1000) in the markets, which will have different prices based on the packages as its mentioned below:

HDT–E1000 receiver

Receiver’s price is only 39,000 IQD


HDT-E1000 includes different packages based on the subscriptions cards as mentioned below:

Three month package is only 15,000 IQD

Six month package is only 24,000 IQD

One-year package is only 36,000 IQD

All the receivers have one-month free subscription

How to activate your package (recharging subscription’s cards)?

1- Through SMS

2- Through United Mix Media’s application:  For our lovely subscribers, UMM has created a Kurdish, Arabic, English application for its subscribers to recharge their subscription cards. The application works on both iOS and Android platforms.

for further information on how to subscribe and activate your receiver, please call our customer service center.

0772 334 3235

0772 334 3236

0772 334 32 37

0772 334 32 38

or visit our official website and official pages on Facebook and Instagram:


Facebook: unitedmixmedia

Instagram: mixmedia.official

Note: this new system is only available in those areas that have united mix media’s broadcasting as codes. Also, the new price and system do not include those receivers, which were sold before 15/04/2018. In other words, those customers who bought their receivers before the mentioned date, their receivers will not be changed and it will work as before.