Announcing the Date of Changing Broadcasting System in Erbil and Sulaimani Cities

After working for more than six years on distributing the local and satellite channels to most of Kurdistan’s region, United Mix Media’s company for broadcasting has finished their preparations for changing the broadcasting system in Erbil and Sulaimani cities.

Therefore, United Mix Media becomes the largest legal broadcasting platform in Kurdistan, that has service in 90% of Kurdistan’s region. Four years ago, we started our first experienced project in Koya United Mix Media’s services in DVB/T2 code format are available in these areas : Zakho , Duhok, Akre, Shekhan, Barda Rash, Khabat, Kalak, Soran, Khalifan, Harir, Shaqlawa, Hiran, Pirmam, Ranya, Saruchawa, Haji awa, Chwar qurna, Sirwan, Kalar, Chamchamal, Bazian, Bainjan, Takia, Gopatapa, Halabjai Shahid, Khurmal, Qaradakh, Arbat, Halabjai Taza, Sharazwr, Said sadq, Dukan, Koya, Qaladze, Sangasar, and Shorsh province, the total subscribers in all the areas are more than 75000 subscribers. province, after one year we started the first successful digital broadcasting in Ranya province.

While United Mix Media company has provided and used the newest and latest broadcasting technology in the previous mentioned areas, only Erbil and Sulaimani did not have DVB/T2 code system, which is considered as the latest broadcasting system.  We would like to announce the pleasant news to our subscribers from Erbil and Sulaimani that we will upgrade their system on 19/05/2018 to DVB/T2 code and with this change we will add 10 HD channels in both cities through our broadcasting system. Upgrading the systems in Erbil and Sulaimani will be finished in 15/06/2018, the process will take some times, so our subscribers be able to have our new receivers in the market.

Beside increasing our channels, United Mix Media has better news for its subscribers, and that is providing stable broadcasting with high quality service.