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United MixMedia New-Announcement

United MixMedia (UMM) is the largest legal broadcasting platform in Kurdistan operating under the Laws and Regulations of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). For the past few days, some websites and pages have published about […]

A clarification on stopping United MixMedia's services in Kirkuk City
A clarification on stopping United MixMedia’s services in Kirkuk City

For all of our lovely customers in Kirkuk city, we unfortunately inform you that all of United MixMedia’s services have been stopped in the city. Because of the obvious lack in electricity and the continuous […]

United MixMedia New-Announcement
Announcing the Date of Changing Broadcasting System in Erbil and Sulaimani Cities

After working for more than six years on distributing the local and satellite channels to most of Kurdistan’s region, United Mix Media’s company for broadcasting has finished their preparations for changing the broadcasting system in […]

خبر هام لمشتركينا في مدينة السليمانية ، الذين يستخدمون أجهزة استقبال (ويلاف) خاصتنا
An important news for our subscribers in Sulaimani city, who are using our Welav receivers

‌Any of our dear subscribers who are having our service in Sulaimani city, are using Welav receiver, and cannot have the latest system’s version, they can have a new free receiver by returning the old […]

A new offer from MixMedia

United MixMedia company for television broadcasting platform, happily announces decreasing their receivers’ prices and upgrading their system. We inform our lovely subscribers that from 15/04/2018 and beyond, United MixMedia, will launch their new receivers (HDT-E1000) […]