United MixMedia (UMM) is the largest legal broadcasting platform in Kurdistan operating under the Laws and Regulations of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). For the past few days, some websites and pages have published about United Mix Media’s receivers been down (stopped), this news is only fraud and is very far from truth. All the receivers that use code system and work as (DVBT/T2) broadcasting system are working from Zakho to Kalar and will not stop.  Also, the recharging and working method will remain the same. In other words, all the receivers that belong to United Mix Media and that now are sold in the market, will continuously work, and will be sold as packages (Receiver, Antenna, Cables, One-year guaranty).

As for stabilizing the recharging system for monthly or yearly subscription, and having different subscription packages and different prices, we would like to inform our customers that no change will happen on the current situation, because the prices are set based on the situation of the region and is set in benefit for all of our citizens. Finally, we would like to ask our customers, if they would like to know more about our works and projects, please visit the official website and pages of United MixMedia.